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We're ending the stigma on Mental Health one waffle at a time.

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The Waffle Shop Podcast with Taylor James


The Waffle Shop Podcast

The Waffle Shop is a podcast where myself and a wide range of guests have a good waffle about our mental health, life's challenges and the minor inconveniences that have been winding us up. Although the focus is mainly about mental health and opening up, the conversation can literately go anywhere! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @waffleshoppodcast for some exclusive content, daily motivation and some inspiration! If you fancy coming for a waffle drop me a DM!

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Weekly episodes on mental health tips, struggles, and everything in between.

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Meet the Host!

Taylor James


Taylor is a qualified Mental Health First Aider with a number of years experience helping and supporting others with various Mental challenges and disorders. He began this podcast on his own Mental Health journey which has gone on to hit the top 40 in over 5 countries!
Taylor has a huge passion for supporting others who may need that extra bit of help and is on a mission to get people talking about their Mental health.

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Weekly Waffle with Eltoria

Joining me for a Waffle today is the YouTube sensation Eltoria! We have a waffle about all things Mental Health, YouTube and her journey so far Eltoria opens up about the dark side of Social Media which led to a very dark point in her life and how she turned things around to get to where she is now!


Weekly Waffle with Ryan Williams

Joining me on todays episode is the brilliant Ryan Williams, the founder of Out Of My Mind UK! Ryan is a fellow Mental Health Advocate and is waffling all the way from Wales! We have a waffle about all things Mental Health, the importance of sleep and becoming a Dad for the first time

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